outside refit

As you can see here we have some work to do. At the bow you will see paint has peeled away also on the port and starboard side as well. down the port and starboard side you will notice slip pads were put down these will be removed and we will be resurfacing with textured surface, we have this surface on the cabin top it works well and cleans up great. low maintenance. at the bow you will notice the new windless this will be mounted in this approx. space to keep it out of the way of the jib and jib line. aft of the boat you will see the new fiberglass cockpit the storage compartments will be sealed in and area painted. seems to look ruff but really not that bad just cosmetic. we are completeing the outside first so that we can stop the boat from breaking down and we can cover it and begin work on the inside without worrying about the water leaking in and compromising the work.

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