Haulout Project Begins

This Project is very much a learning process. As this is our first wooden boat and no matter how many books , blogs and forums you read and follow you never truly know what you have stepped into until you get totally immersed in it. We started with the intrusion of water. This mostly required... Continue Reading →

“Dogwood” a glimpse

We have been asked by friends , family and potential Marinas to see the boat on the inside. As I have mentioned this is a project and she has undergone a lot of  work from us so far , but they are mostly things you can't see. I'd say the most important things like plumbing,... Continue Reading →

Large Boat woes

  Having a boat this size comes with woes, where to put it, where to haul out where to work on it. and thats a problem in its self due to the fact that its all wood means you CAN NOT let it dry out so when out of the water you either keep it... Continue Reading →

Going Live!!!

Check out the videos of our Facebook live walk through of our CT 41' . Be patient turn up the volume because the cell service didn't do us any favors in the area we were in. Sorry 😔   Live walk through of sailboat for sale   2nd half of walk through    

Our New Project A Quincy Adams

We are moving on to another project and possibly making this one our retirement boat. Below is a few details about the builder and the boat, We will have plenty of updates with photos and more in the coming weeks. Stay tuned About Alden the boat designer John G. Alden began his design career as... Continue Reading →

A valuable lesson we have been taught. Never skip a step. Back in April we hauled out and took on a huge project to remove the old bottom paint and apply a new product that should give us a longer lasting non growth bottom. Unfortunately we did not get that due to our own failings.... Continue Reading →

Tis the season to put on the tyvek suit and sand until you can't sand anymore and keep going. It has been 5 years from the time we painted the boat and in that time we found that the paint( Brightsides)  was a good paint but its strength was not up to par. We found... Continue Reading →

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