Painting Day !

As we left you before we were sanding and fairing out the deck. We have accomplished the task and now putting on the prime coats. In this photo you will see burt has put a grey primer down first and sanded this to add a second prime coat of white.

Here you will see the deck is primed. After dry time it will get a sanding and a cleaning.

In this next photo you will see the hatch that burt put a lot of work in turned out looking pretty good. The shape did not slope well and was allowing water to settle. It now has a nice shape to shed water. You will see now the first coat of paint going on. Our color choice is Hatteras off white by interlux . This seems as though it was the original color after a week of sanding down and finding this color.  We have this on our 25′ morgan and it seems to help with the sun blinding you.

Until next next time we should have some photos of the completed paint work on the deck.

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