V-berth completion

This journey has been quite long and I am glad to say we have rounded the corner. Making these changes to an already great boat design has been a task. We loved the design of the original layout but it lacked some of the elements we wanted and needed. My favorite boat is the Jeanneau ‘s but with our budget it was not going to happen, so when we decided to change the layout of our Formosa we took some inspiration from the Jeanneau design. We have the feel of an old boat like the Formosa with lots of teak and attention to detail, and the cool storage ideas and roomy sleeping quarters like the Jeanneau.
Some have and do complain about a few of our changes mostly about adding weight. And we too take that into consideration so we work with the lightest and strongest materials that we can find. Most of the  work you see that has been completed was made by hand due to the fact you can not go out and purchase it. We were very lucky to have been given a large amount of teak to work with, The other materials are PVC board it is light weight will not rot and is easy to clean. In this area of the boat we actually took away weight, we made the head smaller removed two beds and walls. Storage storage, storage was and is the name of the game for us at least, I hate to see videos or photos of boats with everything in bags just stack up, mostly in the berth ( the place most say we will not use ) so my design hopefully has a place for everything that is why we mapped it out before we began, deciding just from sailing our other two boats just where everything needed to go and how to get to it. Neat and orderly is what I want, and the crazy thing about it I will have a book with everything we have and it will list where every item is, a little Martha I think but that is how I function, We have used memory foam for our bed and cushions it is a closed cell product and we have this on our bed at present, kinda pricy especially when go cutting it up, but we did and it feels great also a queen bed cut up made the bed in the berth and two cushions, WOW! To cover these we used material from http://www.sailrite.com in the berth it is a lighter material that can breath and for the salon I got something more rugged that could take a beating, and we went with a neutral color so I could jazz it up with accent color that I can change as my mood changes ( its a girl thing ). So there you have it in a nut shell this is why and where we are going with this project.

This is a cover for the mast in the berth that goes right through the bed. It was made from teak and PVC board with several layers of fiber glass for strength. This cover is really a decoration piece but will serve a few purposes, If any leaks happen around the mast the water goes down to the bilge also I really do not want to lay with the very large lighting rod. ( I know BIG BABY ) So it is mostly a decoration.

I have some staining to do 

Getting the cushions covered
I almost forgot this is what I got burt for his birthday! a bit early but I wanted those cushions covered. 

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