Troop 119 Sailing Day

Troop 119 lead by Ms. Nealy and Ms. Susie brought their girls out to learn and earn their wind badges. This was the greatest group of girls! Sailing was a first for all and the weather could not have been better. We had 7-12 knots of wind with some gusts of 20 knots, so to say the least we had a few blast thrown our way. The girls were awesome and worked like champs. Everyone was given a chance to be at the helm and of course pull on the ropes. Im sure a few may be sore the day after. I want to give a shout out to their troop leaders, the effort and time they give to these girls is amazing and the adventures they take them on is giving them a confidence to approach life to its fullest, they are making them strong individuals and fearless. Great work ladies! I had the best time and I could hang out with this group time and time again. Thank you Allison, Taylor, Jenna, Hannah, and Anna for a super fun day!  Enjoy the movie!

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