cockpit stability and steering

break down to the last post as  requested ….

The storage compartments are complete now and with that done we have to move to strengthening the cockpit floor. Our issue is to keep the cockpit floor from flexing and take the strain off when turning the wheel . So you will see in the photos the floor is a foot down into the hull and their wasn’t anything for support , so we added support by making a steel frame mounted to the wood with steel braces to prevent it from flexing. This is a whitlock ( lewmar ) steering pedistal rope and chain , we are at the point now to add the column and add the next support that will be bolted to the underside where the column attaches and this will give it the strength to hold and not flex. Once we get this taken care of we will make the cuts for the emergency tiller and pump. This will involve more cutting and fiberglass work, I only wish it sounded like fun but this aft end has been a pain in our aft, I hate to keep cutting more hole in this boat just to cover them up with this stuff called epoxy that only kicks ( this is what it is called when the epoxy starts to harden , smoke , and get so hot it will burn you ) when your just moments away from finishing and then the fiberglass , layer after layer, and then sand to just do it all over again. I know I said it was only 150 man hours to completion but Im still trying to figure out what man , and don’t forget Im a girl working with a man so shouldn’t it be less time…. I will leave you with that until next time …..The photos are in the previous post


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  1. Hi, my question is "since you are going to all the effort and expense to fortify your steering system can you use nylon coated stainless steel cables instead of rope? It may last longer. You are doing a helluva job!! All the best

  2. Hi palemoondove , we are considering that very thing , this is a whit lock steering column with chain and rope to a four pulley system and thought about switching for the cable verses rope, but we had not found a real suggestion from others on this , so , We think why not …. if anyone out their can give us a reason not , then you might say it's a go….

  3. That's great! I hope the trial and error is a minimum for you. We look forward to hearing and seeing how it turns out.That is a beautiful nut I must say!! All the best

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