Steering ; step 4 of 10,001

Steering ? I’m sure it is important, but really ; it has to be so involved ? It is a boat for christ sake ! So it goes like this the floor holding up the steering column has to be strengthened and made to where it will not flex when turning the wheel for the rudder. So in the photos below you will see we have added a steel frame that will have steel supports going to the frame below  and attaching to the bottom of the column . This will stop the floor from flexing side to side, a rope is attached to a chain from the steering column and down to the four pulley’s below , so when you turn the wheel and the rope is engaged through the pulley’s they will not pull on the floor from left to right and cause it to flex. Now that this is done we have the matter of making a spot for the emergency tiller , So this means another hole in the cockpit, more epoxy more fiberglass , with a dash of sanding and to just repeat the process over and over, Oh how the fun just keeps going, are we ever going to get out of this cockpit. It looks as though our deadline of September to have the topside sanded and filler added with the paint done look very bleak. But we have surprised ourselves .

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