Foaming In

Foaming in the cooler. I thought you might like to see an event that did not go the way you intended. We used a two part system (Polyurethane Foam )that is Kick Ass! We gave ourselves relief holes for expansion and I must say this stuff has so much power. This was a 1,2,3 ready GO! And we poured, within minutes this stuff was expanding at a rate that shocked us both, Not only did it fill in it came rolling out of our relief holes and then you hear, Crack! Pop! The top was pushing up, so in a frantic moment Burt stands on top and what happens next is amazing! Nothing was going to stop this from happening, Burt kept rising and rising, Now if any of you have seen burt he is not a small guy and to see this mixture just lift him up as if he were not standing on top was too funny! Now we look to see what damage happened in the cooler….Nothing! Really? Yep it only expanded up and did not destroy the cooler. So we will close in the new gap, and it turned out to be approx. the same amount all the way around. A bit of a Debbie downer but no time to quit now.

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