In a Funk !

Our world seems upside down 

It has been two weeks and it sucks being the one who stayed back . Not that burt is in anyway living the life. He has to work everyday and at the moment he arrived right when things were getting crazy . He has put in a tremendous amount of overtime – so boat projects has slowed to a crawl . And lets not forget to mention he works in a building that has to be kept cool for all of the electronics and equipment .  To only then go to the boat to shiver all night . I think he feels he is loosing weight from shaking all the time .  But great news the prop and shaft are done and ready for pick up .  This will be exciting , this engine is brand new so we can not wait to start it up .  The amazing part of the boat work now is finding out how many little parts that are involved in the installation of lets say a toilet or the engine the sink – its on and on . and don’t forget the rules ( coastguard ) whoa !

 My time is spent working and working . You see burt and I worked together , well we did the same job and so with him leaving put us short a person .  So I have filled in his spot along with my own and it is exhausting .  The crappy part is burt took our only vehicle and that leaves me feeling a bit trapped .  I do not want to go out and buy one because the whole point to all of this is to become debt free and we are almost there .  The house is the last of the debt and with any luck it will sell . It has been a tight long three years but we have managed to keep knocking it in the head .  My youngest graduates from college this year and I do not want to leave her until I know she is well on her way .  This is weird but -I’m excited for the weekend , Hannah is coming and we are going to do some painting and hanging out . Yea !  human interaction !   Bring it on !!

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