Becoming A Prepper

My fascination with people and this need to prep for an upcoming disaster has intrigued me. So as a person who now lives on a boat with limited space I find myself researching for ideas all the time. Refrigeration was the first thing I wanted to reduce. Our unit is a fair size, but when you start to use it as you did when once living in your home you find the space just isn’t going to cut it. Our diet has changed just a bit. Meats for instance, they do not keep long and they take up too much space. The first thing I changed was to take it out of our diet and put tofu in its place, it is compact and keeps for a very long time. Frozen vegetables, the other space jammer upper. Now when we were living in our home we had the great pleasure of having organic farms within a few miles of our home so our food mostly came from this source. So I wanted to buy fresh here, but still the same issue comes, where to store and eat it before it goes bad. Dehydrated food seems like a great idea, and it is but you have to look hard for the products that are not loaded with salt and did the farms with these use pesticides. So after much research I found an organic farm in my state that freeze dries and dehydrates their products. Harmony House Foods. Best part: No additives or preservatives. Non-GMO. Gluten Free. Kosher OU . So could this work? I made the move and ordered a sample kit of just about all of the products they have, and it was a success! We are now ordering in larger quantities and this batch above will feed us for the next four months or so. And I still have other items from my sample order that I have yet to use up. Fact Sheet for anyone needing to know about the nutrients. A great thing about this is the weight, can goods are heavy and you need so many, so if you take a 42oz jug of the dehydrated stuff which has anywhere from 50 servings to 256 you will find the jug only weights a pound or less. So I have now become a prepper and I’m loving it. Forget about long cook times forget about that crap in a box and who really needs to eat all of that meat. We live on the ocean and at a dock where lots of fishermen come and go. So getting fresh seafood right off the boat has never been so good and most of the time its FREE! I find this has been a great learning experience.                                                    

This I thought was a great find  
butter from New Zealand in a can, one more thing moved out of the refrigerator. So I am solving one task at a time and having a pretty good time with it and I hope this helps anyone looking for ideas. I am always open to more suggestions or great finds so don’t hesitate to send them my way. Until next time ~~/)~~

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  1. Harmony House is a nice find. There's a few things I've been looking at getting before like dehydrated onions or blueberries.
    I'm not a good cook by any means but being able to throw something together that's survivable is good enough at times.

    I might get some to try out. Thanks.

  2. Hey Dan, I must say you do not have to be a good cook for this and with it being winter you can soup it up. Throw it in a pot 20 min later and you have a hot bowl of soup. And as you know when sailing one pot meals are the way to go. I thought the cost was a bit high but after comparing it to others and then trying it out I found this stuff goes a long way. And talk about saving space and weight this was it. Its worth a try for sure.

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